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Financial Planning and Advice

At Freedom Wealth we want to help you attain your financial goals – whatever they may be. Be it financial independence at retirement or providing for loved ones in the event of death or disability. People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan. Pretty significant events might happen throughout your lifetime, and many of them will tempt you to put your financial planning on hold. 

At Freedom Wealth we are equipped to assist you with a well structured financial plan.


Retirement Planning

Regular saving is the basis of all good financial planning. Every amount you save helps you reach your financial objectives – maintaining your current standard of living throughout your retirement, acquiring a financial cushion to meet contingencies.


Savings & Investments

With your objectives in mind, we offer you flexible products adapted to your needs that include a range of savings and investment plans. These products allow you to invest your savings and obtain a high degree of financial security. The capital accumulated in these plans can be used to provide an education for your children, a retirement nest egg or to pay for that well deserved holiday.

Employee Benefits

We offer a range of group annuity, retirement and risk services. Your company can choose a product that will satisfy the needs of employers and employees.

Business Assurance

Owning a business often means sacrificing  personal financial investment and putting in long hours of work.  Have you thought about protecting the future of your investment? What will happen to your business if you die or become disabled? Will your family have to sell your share of the business or even start working in the business.

To prevent all those years of work from going up in smoke, take all the measures required to ensure that your business runs smoothly.
We can offer you products that are tailor made for the business people – even if you run a one-man show or is a partner in a big business.


Short-Term Insurance

We offer personal and commercial insurance to protect your valuables.


Medical Aid

Freedom Wealth can offer you a range of health solutions.


Wills & Estate Planning

Darfting  a will is a pertinent gesture of  any person who has a responsibility towards beneficiaries . Estate planning is essential in dealing with the objectives and wishes of your will  and the management thereof during your lifetime and thereafter. Each client’s needs differ and the primary objective is to save on estate duty and ensure the speedy finalization of the estate. 

Freedom Wealth will draw up a will tailor made for your needs.

Life Insurance (risk products)

No one likes to think about death and the need for life insurance but including insurance in your financial plan can now  benefit you and your family in future.

Freedom Wealth offers a range of individual risk products and group life insurance solutions. This means you can protect your family’s quality of life no matter what the future holds , and save your loved ones from financial worries during an already stressful time.

Risk products offered are life cover, disability and trauma cover and cover for future needs.

Life Insurance: Will your loved ones have sufficient financial provision should you die? Will you debt be paid off? Will there be enough money to pay your estate duty? Will there be sufficient funds for your family to maintain their current standard of living? Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one but it is comforting to know that your loved ones will have the necessary financial support to help them carry on, no matter what.

Disability: Your ability to earn income is one of your most valuable assets so it makes sense to protect it. Imagine the emotional and financial stress that you and your family could face should you become unable to work due to injury or illness.

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